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Monday, 5 October 2015

Osprey returns to HMS Ocean

 Osprey lands on HMS Ocean

A US Marine Corps Osprey has landed on the flightdeck of HMS Ocean for the first time in over five years.
The landing was the first step in demonstrating the partnership between the amphibious helicopter platform and the US Marines Corps (USMC) ahead of the major NATO exercise, Trident Juncture, which gets underway in a few weeks time.
The USMC MV22 Osprey, callsign ‘Elvis’, visited HMS Ocean in the Atlantic off Portugal at the start of the Royal Navy’s annual Cougar deployment of the UK’s high readiness maritime joint expeditionary force – with Trident Juncture 15 one element of the deployment.
The Osprey landing was a preliminary visit before the USMC train alongside the Royal Navy in Exercise Trident Juncture – delivering Royal Marines and US Marines to the heart of the action.

Source: Royal Navy, UK.

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