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Monday, 14 September 2015

The letter was sent six months after the stricken cruise 

liner plummeted to its demise when it hit an iceberg 

in the North Atlantic

Lost souls: But the letter being auctioned is between two survivors 
of the 1912 shipwreck of the Titanic
A letter from one Titanic survivor to another is set to be 
sold at auction - and it contains reference to one of the 
terrible scandals of the shipwreck.
The missive was penned by Mabel Francatelli, the 
secretary of Scottish landowner Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 
a man who stood accused of cowardice after the maritime 
disaster which claimed 1,514 souls in 1912.
Duff-Gordon and wife Lady Lucy, along with secretary 
Francatelli and two friends, were part of 12 passengers 
who were rowed to safety on Lifeboat Number One.
Survivor's script: Mabel Francatelli wrote to a fellow survivor six 
months after after the Titanic sinking
The rescue vessel had a capacity of 40, but the accusations 
against Duff-Gordon detailed that he paid a colossal cash bribe 
to the lifeboat crew to save his own life.
Duff-Gordon and his spouse faced questioning by Scotland Yard 
detectives when they made it back to the UK, and their name 
was shamed for the remainder of the baronet's life, according to the Express.
Although he admitted he did promise cash, he said it was not a bribe, 
and a subsequent British Board of Trade inquiry agreed the cash was 
a “charitable donation”.
Shop wrecked: Mabel Francatelli and addressee Abraham Lincoln 
Saloman were among 12 wealthy passengers who survived on Lifeboat One
The letter from Francatelli to fellow Lifeboat One survivor 
New Yorker Abraham Lincoln Salomon - which appears 
to defend Duff-Gordon, calling his treatment 'injurious' - 
is being sold by Lion Heart Autographs on September 30.
The hand-written letter which covers three pages of Plaza Hotel 
stationery is hoped to sell for at least £4,000 and includes 
details such as: “We do hope you have now quite 
recovered from the terrible experience.
"I am afraid our nerves are still bad, as we had such trouble 
and anxiety added to our already awful experience by the 
very unjust inquiry when we arrived in London.”
High life: The handwritten three-page missive was written on 
Plaza Hotel notepaper
Francatelli was not questioned by police, and the letter 
she sent has a postmark dated October 12, 1912, six 
months after the cruise ship went down, and is addressed 
to Salomon at 345 Broadway, New York.
Other lots on sale at the auction are a lunch menu for 
first-class passengers saved by business tycoon Salomon
the Titanic’s unusual weighing chair located in its opulent Turkish Baths.
As addressed: The letter went to Abraham Lincoln Saloman 
at his home in NYC
The menu lists a feast including fillets of brill, veal and 
ham pie, roast beef and Cumberland ham.
It is signed in pencil on the back by another first-class 
passenger, Isaac Frauenthal, who is believed to have 
dined with Salomon that day, and was rescued in Lifeboat Five.
Source: Daily Mirror, UK.

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