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Monday, 22 April 2013

22 April 2013 Last updated at 12:28 GMT

Norwegian stealth warship turns up in Ullapool

HNoMS Steil at Ullapool
HNoMS Steil at Ullapool harbour

A Norwegian fast attack boat designed to evade radar has been operating in a Highland loch during a major Nato exercise.
HNoMS Steil has been seen in Loch Broom and drawn crowds of up to 25 people while tied up at Ullapool harbour in Wester Ross.
The vessel and its crew are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior.
The missile-carrying Skjold Class Steil can reach its full speed of 60 knots in less than a minute.
Launched in 2008, it is one of six built for the Norwegian navy.
HNoMS Steil
The missile-carrying stealth vessel has also been seen in Loch Broom
More than 5,000 UK personnel are involved in Joint Warrior, which is Europe's largest military exercise and is held twice a year.
The training is taking place across Scotland until 29 April.
Last week, a seal boarded a Royal Navy amphibious-assault ship as it was about to carry out exercises near Carnoustie.
The animal lay on HMS Bulwark's landing dock and watched the crew for about half an hour.
It was only when an officer approached the seal that it swam away.
Source: BBC, UK.

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