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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Turkey's Arkas Line takes exemplary action for sustainability and environmental awareness
Arkas Line has become the only Turkish shipowner to join the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), which is a BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) initiative, for the purpose of cooperating in the area of environmental sustainability.
Wednesday, 18.Sep.2013, 00:52 (GMT+3)

Turkey's Arkas Line takes exemplary action for sustainability and environmental awareness

CCWG is an initiative that has the goal of coordinating efforts to raise the bar of environmental performance in the shipping sector as well as regulating and standardizing emission calculations.

 Arkas Line is the only Turkish shipowner among the CCWG members, who represent 60 percent of the container shipping sector. 

Arkas Line was accepted into the working group after meeting the membership requirements. 

As a CCWG member, Arkas Line will prepare a standard report so its environmental performance can be accurately monitored.Now that it is a member of CCWG, Arkas Line will reevaluate its current operations and develop new projects to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon and sulfur emissions. 

Arkas Line already has measures in place such as optimizing trim and ballast on the ships it operates, procuring low sulfur fuel, using new generation paint that reduces friction, periodic hull bottom and propeller cleaning, using SPOS (Ship Performance Optimization System) to choose routes based on currents and weather conditions, calculating shorter routes with a program called Shipping Explorer, and carrying out operations at an economical speed called eco-speed by using a “just in time” system.

In the near future, Arkas Line plans to follow CCWG’s instructions and make an agreement with a qualified institution to periodically measure data collected from vessels it operates, check this data and certify that it is correct. This will ensure that measurements are certifiably reliable.

CCWG is an initiative of BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), which works to increase sustainability around the world. CCWG was established by BSR and its founding members in 2003 for the purpose of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability in the container shipping sector. Its members meet twice per year to exchange ideas and share opinions with each other. 

Arkas Line has also appointed an expert in the field of sustainability and the environment who will communicate with CCWG regarding the company’s membership.

Source: Sea News, Turkey.

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