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Thursday, 4 October 2012

New build orders rebound

New building orders appear to be rebounding around the world. According to, during the third week of this month, a total of 29 new buildings were contracted, up by 16 ships from previous week.
Chinese shipyards inked 13 vessels, up from 10 ships in the second week - this included four bulkers booked by a German owner, whilst Dalian Shipbuilding Industry contracted four drill ships (optional three ships included) from Norshore.
Korean shipbuilders penned 12 new vessels, whilst Japan won only one bulker.
Meanwhile, some of marine thick-plate prices made in China also turned around.
Eight major cities in China all saw increases in prices. In case of 20mm thick plate, price rose by CNY 50-60 (8.0-9.5 USD) week-on-week in Shanghai, Jinan, Ningbo and Tianjin.
Though thick-plate prices increased slightly recently, steel mill industries consider that the upturn in prices is limited, as domestic shipbuilding industries are still struggling over market depression.
Source: Asiasis / BBC, UK.

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