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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Russian Navy to Purchase 96 Auxiliary Ships by 2020

Russian Navy to Purchase 96 Auxiliary Ships by 2020
Text: World Arms Trade Analytic Center
Photo: Research ship Seliger. Press service of JSC Yantar
Russian defense ministry plans to buy 96 auxiliary vessels by 2020, deputy defense minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov told RIA Novosti. 

As for him, "we have already signed a contract and are buying five auxiliary ships; by the end of 2020 we plan to purchase 96 vessels of this kind", reports the news agency citing the official. 

Bulgakov emphasized that "today we buy integrated logistic and technical maintenance ships to make sure that one vessel contains all capabilities, beginning from firefighting and ending with replenishment of fuel, munitions, fresh water, and warlike equipment including missiles", reports RIA Novosti.

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