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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Argentine warship harasses fishing vessels in Falklands water

AN Argentine warship has been hailing fishing vessels in the Falklands zone claiming they are fishing illegally.
On Thursday August 30, Falklands Protection Vessel Protegat was on routine fishery protection duties in the northern FOCZ (Falklands Outer Conservation Zone) some 4 miles east of the boundary of the FOCZ.
At around 2030 a vessel in the Argentine zone and identifying itself as an Argentine warship started calling fishing vessels operating in the FOCZ. The Argentine warship went on to claim that the fishing vessels were fishing illegally and should haul their gear and leave the area.  All vessels challenged were operating on FIG fishing licences and were going about their lawful business.  None of the fishing vessels responded.  The Argentine vessel did not enter the FOCZ.
The Protegat made their identity known and shortly afterwards the Argentine vessel turned south in the Argentine zone with no further radio communication.
Source: Penguin News, Falkland Islands.

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