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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Russian Navy News

Diesel Sub Alrosa Returns to Black Sea after Overhaul

Diesel Sub Alrosa Returns to Black Sea after Overhaul
Text: Black Sea Fleet Press Service
Photo: Diesel-electric
Black Sea Fleet (BSF) diesel-electric submarine Alrosacommanded by Capt 2 Rank Anton Zaitsev started an interfleet cruise from Kronshtadt to homeport Sevastopol.

In May-June 2011, the submarine along with BSF rescue ships visited Spanish port Cartagena and took part in the Bold Monarch 2011 joint submarine-salvage exercise for the first time in her record. After that, Alrosa headed for Kronshtadt and was laid up for scheduled overhaul.

The submarine is being escorted by Baltic Fleet (BF) rescue tug SB-921. However, early in Sept the escort will be taken over by BSF rescue tug Shakhter in Spanish port Ceuta.

Alrosa is expected to arrive in Sevastopol late Sept 2012.

Diesel-electric submarine Alrosa was laid down on May 7, 1988 at the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard. The sub was built under experimental project 877V.

In Nov 1989, the submarine moved to the Black Sea via inland waterways; Soviet naval ensign was hoisted on the sub then. In Jan 2004, she obtained the name of Alrosa by Russian Navy Commander's decree. Since 1997, the sub's crew five times won the Navy Commander's Prize in torpedo firing.

Dimensions: length – 76.2 meters, beam – 9.9 meters, draft – 6.2 meters
Displacement: surface – 2,300 tons, submerged – 3,950 tons
Full speed: surface – 10 knots, submerged – 17 knots
Operating depth: over 250 meters
Complement: 52 men

Severnaya Verf Shipyard Gets New Director

Severnaya Verf Shipyard Gets New Director
Anatoly Tyukov was elected Director General of JSCSevernaya Verf shipyard, reports Business News Agency referring to the company's press service.

Severnaya Verf is Russia's leading shipbuilding company. It is controlled by United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) owning 20% of the shipyard's shares.

Net loss of the company in the first half of 2012 was RUR 763.07 mln.

Auction on 75.8% shares of Severnaya Verf was canceled early in Aug due to lack of bidders. The tendered share package earlier belonged to ex-senator Sergei Pugachev and then was pawned to the Central Bank as a charge for a credit of MezhPromBank. In Oct 2011, the shipyard was trusted to USC.

Currently, USC expects price cutting.

It got about yesterday that Severnaya Verf and SberBank tied an agreement on non-revolving credit line for RUR 6.7 bln in order to build Project 22350 frigates under the state defense procurement program.

As was said in the shipyard's press release, the agreement was approbated by the board of directors on Aug 17, 2012. Credit payment period expires on Dec 31, 2016. Credit interest rate was not specified.

That credit is supported by guarantees of Russian Ministry of Finance. Overall extent of governmental guarantees given to the shipyard under the arms procurement program makes at least RUR 9,534.6 mln.

Northern Fleet Task Unit Enters Atlantic

Northern Fleet Task Unit Enters Atlantic
Text: Murmansk Review
Northern Fleet (NF) task unit consisting of landing shipsAlexander OtrakovskyGeorgy Pobedonosets, and Kondopogaleft the Mediterranean Sea last weekend and reached the Atlantic via Gibraltar Strait, reports Murmansk Review.

According to the NF spokesman Capt 1 Rank Vadim Serga, crews of the Russian ships held various kinds of antiaircraft drills in the Atlantic. In the nearest time it is planned to carry out scheduled exercises including damage control drills and assistance to a ship in distress.

Since the departure from NF main base Severomorsk, the landing ships have covered over 8,200 nautical miles and effectively cooperated with Baltic Fleet ships within the Russian Navy's interfleet task force. When heading through the North Atlantic, the NF task unit will hold joint maneuvering drills in northern latitudes.

Caspian Flotilla Ships Finish Exercise

Caspian Flotilla Ships Finish Exercise
Text: Southern Military District Press Service
Caspian Flotilla (CF) surface ships have finished a scheduled exercise which included anti-mine, counter-terror, antiaircraft, and antiboat drills. The exercise was directed by CF Commander Rear Admiral Sergei Alyokminsky.

Over 15 ships, boats, and auxiliary vessels were deployed and carried out practical activities like piloting behind sweeps, gun firing drills, damage control drills, etc.

That exercise was another phase in preparation for the
coming Caucasus-2012 large-scale exercise.

Baltic Fleet Holds Landing Assault Exercise

Baltic Fleet Holds Landing Assault Exercise
Text: Western Military District Press Service
Photo: Western Military District Press Service
Baltic Fleet (BF) is to hold tactical exercise with landing assault operation on unprepared coast of Khmelevka Range.

The exercise will be attended by the fleet's surface ships, coast defense force, naval aviation, engineer troops, auxiliary and supply assets. Over 10 surface warships and auxiliary vessels, 3 airplanes and a helicopter, about 20 combat vehicles will be involved in the exercise as well.

Landing assault operation will be carried out by landing ship Kaliningrad.

Being dropped by Ka-27PS helicopter on the seashore, mine pickers of BF engineer battalion will make passages in minefields.

During the exercise, about 200 marines will practice seizure and defense of the coastline area.

Airborne team from BF assault battalion will also participate in the exercise; raiders will be dropped in the "enemy" rear by an airplane in order to assist offensive operation and penetrate the seashore defense.

After analyzing of the sea, air, and land episodes, the fleet's command will give an estimate to each participating unit.

Landing Ship Novocherkassk Left Trabzon, Turkey

Landing Ship Novocherkassk Left Trabzon, Turkey
Text: Black Sea Fleet Press Service
Representing Russia in the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR), landing ship Novocherkasskon Aug 17 had finished the 3-day call at port of Trabzon, Turkey.

When leaving the port, the joint flotilla practiced piloting behind mine sweeps and after communication check naval mariners of Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine set about 11-th day of the BLACKSEAFOR activation.

Later on that day, the ships exercised in control of commercial shipping, underway replenishing of supplies, heading in formation, and use of special computer communications. The international task group also held an antiaircraft drill, practiced countering of asymmetric threats, searching and rescuing at sea, visual communications, maneuvering drill for watch officers, totally about 15 training episodes.

During the joint maneuvering exercise, a Turkish Navy's helicopter took pictures of the BLACKSEAFOR ships.

The joint naval group is expected to arrive at Russian port Novorossiysk on Aug 21.

Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group BLACKSEAFOR was established on Apr 2, 2001 in Istanbul. Expressing the will to contribute in regional security, stability, and strengthening of neighborly relations, countries of Black Sea region – Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine – agreed to form an international naval force. Its purpose is improvement of friendly relations and mutual confidence amid Black Sea countries.

Russian Mariners Replenish Supplies in Pacific

Russian Mariners Replenish Supplies in Pacific
Text: Eastern Military District Press Service
Photo: Destroyer Admiral
Pacific Fleet (PF) task unit consisting of destroyerAdmiral Panteleyev, oilerBoris Butoma, and rescue tugFotiy Krylov headed by Capt 1 Rank Sergei Sobokar continues its mission in the Pacific Ocean.

Through the recent two days of the cruise, Russian naval mariners held a number of shipborne drills. In particular, after entering the 11-th time zone PF task unit replenished fuel and fresh water by means of oiler Boris Butoma. Besides, Russian servicemen practiced repelling attack of "enemy" antiship missiles.

On Aug 16, crew of Admiral Panteleyev and attached marine unit held a small-arms firing drill.

According to reports of the task unit's command to Pacific Fleet HQ, crews feel well and equipment operates normally.

The Russian Navy's task unit will call at Japanese port Maizuru on Aug 28. Within 4 days, PF servicemen will pay a number of courtesy visits, have a rest, replenish supplies and then set the homeward course. The unit is expected to arrive in Vladivostok early Sept. Recall that on Aug 6 the Russian ships left American naval base Pearl Harbor. 

Throughout the visit started on June 29, Russian mariners took part in the world's largest international naval exercise RIMPAC-2012 nearby the Hawaii.

Source: Russian Navy News.

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