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Friday, 31 August 2012

Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta entrants in Liverpool

Eleven tall ships have arrived in Liverpool for the inaugural Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta.

Johanna Lucretia
Johanna Lucretia is open to visitors in Albert Dock, Liverpool

It marks the end of a five-day race from Dublin to Liverpool, organised by Sail Training International, which teaches young people sailing skills.
Liverpool councillor Wendy Simon said it was "spectacular" to see tall ships sailing on the River Mersey.
Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta chairman Knut Western said Liverpool had given the ships a "memorable welcome."
The fleet visited Liverpool as part of the Tall Ships Race 2008 and the Irish Sea race is designed to give young crew members training in sailing and navigation.
Mr Western added: "For the race half of the crew must be aged between 15 and 25.
"They learn from the experienced crew members and we see them develop to become confident, independent individuals."
Matt and Ben Giblin
Matt Giblin, 22 and his brother Ben, 19, from Ormskirk, raced on the Johanna Lucretia
Two brothers from west Lancashire are among the 13 crew members on board the Johanna Lucretia, a UK entry into the race.
Ben Giblin, 19, and his brother Matt, 22, from Ormskirk, sailed together for the first time in the race, which started in Ireland on Sunday.
The brothers learned to sail dinghies at their local sailing club in Southport.
Ben said: "It was tough, the weather was bad at times, but it's been lots of fun.
"I worked the alternative watches to my brother, we were doing four to six hours on and breaking just to eat or sleep."
Matt said: "It was amazing to arrive at the end of the race in Liverpool, seeing the off-shore wind farm, and the skyline. I was looking for Seaforth and our grandad's house."
Crews of the ships will parade through Liverpool from 14:00 BST and on Sunday the ships will take part in a Parade of Sail starting at Albert Dock at 10:30.
The ships are open to visitors at Albert Dock on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00.
Ms Simon added: "The tall ships are always welcome visitors to our city.
"I'd encourage as many people as possible to give the ships an unforgettable send-off on Sunday - it really will be a spectacular sight to see the tall ships proudly sailing on the River Mersey."
Source: BBC, UK.

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